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Hey Dave, of all prior services that I have been through, I rated your service number 1. Got that! I follow very closely the SPY and SSO. I use that as my proxy to gauge where the general market is heading. I no longer need any stock recommendations / stock picks. For most part it's hit or miss. Keep doing what you have been doing especially dropping e-mail alerts several times a day. It's invaluable. Man you're so right on the money with your forecast. Anyway this is mostly a thank you note.


This has been a crazy market that very very few people have been able to call with any semblance of accuracy. You have been one of them. Congrats.

Bimal Morjaria

Thanks to your excellent chart work, closed out TVIX for a 20% and 46% gain!

It appears that when S&P turns down it could tank HARD. Please keep us up to speed when to reinitiate shorts at your earliest.

Again, thank you!

John Hill

I have been a subscriber to many other Precious metals subscriptions from all those who write for I have found that Dave is "the One". None of the other`s come near Dave`s accuracy. He is the "Benchmark in the industry". Don't take my word for it, Go try out everyones free trials look up their calls in the last one year from their archives, compare it to Dave`s, you will understand why he is the Benchmark.

Dave, Highly appreciate your response to my query every-time. My highest appreciation & gratitude for your services.

Gautam from Mumbai, India.

Yes, indeedy - great forecasting. This note to you is out of deep respect for your analysis (especially given the abject failures of other Elliott Wave guys in the field) on an absolute basis. You deserve all the accolades showered upon you. Thanks for all you do.

Greg Zwillinger

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